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香港紅十字會 – 3 分鐘心理健康小測驗










1.    撒瑪利亞會 24小時熱線 2896 0000 (提供中文及多種語言服務)

2.    醫院管理局24 小時精神科諮詢熱線2466 7350 (廣東話、普通 話、英語)

3.    社會福利署24 小時熱線服務 2343 2255(廣東話、普通 話、英語)



1.    協青社 24小時熱線 9088 1023

2.    "Openup" Facebook/Instagram搜尋hkopenup 瀏覽https://www.openup.hk/chat_login.htm







The world around us may not always be as we expect it to be. Our mood can be affected by the people and things we encounter. If the situation doesn't improve, our daily life, including work, study, social life, and family relationships, can be impacted to varying degrees. Furthermore, our sleep quality and physical condition can also be affected.


Therefore, for the sake of our physical and mental well-being, we encourage you to take a small test about depression or anxiety that takes only 3 minutes to complete. After completing it, we will provide you with a simple assessment report. By addressing and paying attention to any problems at an early stage, we can effectively reduce the negative impact.


If you want to make an appointment for our psychological support services directly, please go to https://bit.ly/328xyBk.


If you need immediate psychological support (i.e., self-harm thoughts or actions), please contact the following 24-hour telephone hotline or seek help from a professional (e.g., General Doctor or Psychiatrist, Psychologist, or social worker, etc.).


For the public:

1.    The Samaritans at 2896 0000 (Service provided in multiple languages)

2.    The Hospital Authority's 24-hour psychiatric hotline is 2466 7350 (Cantonese, Putonghua, English)

3.    The Social Welfare Department's 24-hour hotline service 2343 2255 (Cantonese, Putonghua, English)


For youth:

1. Youth Outreach 24hrs Hotline 9088 1023

2. "Openup" Facebook/Instagram - hkopenup OR online chatroom https://www.openup.hk/chat_login.htm


*Your personal information collected will be kept confidential and destroyed after 2 years.

*Some data will be used for research and analysis. All the information will only be reported as group data with no identifying information.